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Drugs, Whales, and Black Cartoons: All the films showing at Molo Mollo on 19 July

Africa’s biggest film festival, the Durban International Film Festival kicks off tonight in Durban and they’ve got a little something for those in Gauteng who can't get down to Durban for the 12-day event.

Molo Mollo in collaboration with Africa’s biggest film festival will be hosting a one-night-only DIFF satellite event in Pretoria tomorrow evening. Hosted on the rooftop of the Princhurch building and set against the Pretoria cityscape, the satellite event will feature screenings of some of these top African short films selected for this year’s festival.

The co-writer of the award-winning film, Inxeba, Malusi Bengu writes and directs this film about a young star's elusive search for her father.

A faded Gqom popstar leaves behind the comforts of the suburbs and ventures into the city concrete jungle of downtown Hillbrow in search of a father fading away in the haze of childhood memories.

She braves the old boutique hotel illuminated by the red neon glow of the iconic Hillbrow Ponte tower, but her desired connection with a long-lost legendary jazz father remains elusive. She finally lets go and embraces the mystery of the darkness.

This high-spirited Egyptian social satire with a hallucinatory quality is a gem which highlights red tape's ability to strangle society more efficiently than the most shrewd revolutionaries. 

Intense Practice to Improve Performance is a short film addressing the near-career-death of a bureaucrat, and how a seemingly ordinary day becomes a significant turning point for an unremarkable man, thanks to a minimal shift of fate.

On the eve of postponed Congolese elections, two Congolese and two Belgian cineasts work on a film about Kinshasa and its resistance against the legacies of colonialism.

The four filmmakers want to tell a story together, but having grown up on other sides of history, they have different views on how to tell that story. How should it look like? Who should be in it? For whom is it made?

Faire-Part is 4 filmmakers' search for a way to portray the capital city of the DRC. Through filming artistic performances in public space, they paint a provocative picture of Kinshasa and its relations with the rest of the world.

This beautifully animated story brings a Ugandan twist to the popular excuse "a dog ate my homework".

A Kalabanda is a mythical creature that is said to haunt schools in Uganda. Tendo, a pupil shows up to class one day without homework -claiming that a "Kalabanda" ate it. Who'd believe such a lame excuse? No-one!

How will Tendo prove his story?

Raymond Malinga is the CEO of Creatures Animation studio based in Kampala, Uganda.

The beauty of South Africa's seas and the life within them drives this short documentary which follows the journey to seek the humpback whales along Durban coastlines during their seasonal migration in South Africa. 

Visit our Cinema Club page to get tickets for this event.

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